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July 2017

Visiting our Partners

If you are reading this newsletter, you will see what some of the opportunities are to volunteer and share your time, talents and finances. There are many more opportunities to be part of the mission: We’re not just feeding those in need, We are transforming those in need. Along with all the electronic pieces of information we offer, from Facebook to our website, we

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Adult Computer Center

We are excited to be creating an adult computer drop-in center on site for our guests.  We hope that this provides computer, internet, and printer access to those who need it, as well as providing basic educational opportunities for those who are looking to improve their computer skills.  We are looking for volunteers to help.  If you are interested in supervising or teaching adults

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Every year, we close at the end of June for assessment of our inventory.  This year, we decided that it was time for a little more.  During our time “offline”, we spruced up our site, acquired some new equipment, changed the way that food is distributed, and hired a new Assistant Director!  We are so excited about all of the changes that are being

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