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Changes to Feast of Justice Programs

Feast of Justice has 3 types of programs:  City Box, Community Cupboard, and Baby Supplies.

The City Box program (Thursdays, 10am-12pm) is NOT changing.

  1. No ID is needed.

  2. Registered guests and general public can come as often as you need the food.


The Community Cupboard program (non-perishable and perishable food packages--Tuesdays 9-12, Wednesdays 4-7, Saturdays 1-4) IS changing.

  1. There will only be one line.  It will form at the bottom of the steps on Sackett St and will wrap around to Tyson Avenue.  There is no saving space for others in line.  ALL guests must be pre-registered and have a Feast of Justice card for the household.

  2. ALL cards will be scanned while in line, so we can track your usage of the program.

  3. Guests can come to receive this food up to 2 times a week.  If a guest comes more frequently, our system will block them to receive food.

  4. Guests can come at any time during the open hours listed above. Everyone receives the same food, regardless of your number in line, so it is safer to arrive later when the lines are shorter.  Please do not arrive before the time of distribution or leave things to save a space.

  5. If you receive any food that you do not want, please leave it on designated pallets near the exit ramp. 

  6. Please remember to maintain social distancing and wear masks when possible.  We want to keep our community safe!


The Baby Supplies program (diapers and baby supplies—Tuesdays 9-12, Wednesdays 4-7, Saturdays 1-4, and—NEW!!--Fridays 10-12) IS changing.

  1. Only registered Feast of Justice guests can receive diapers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.  Guests must show their Feast of Justice registration card and it will be scanned in to determine the number of eligible children.  There will NOT be a separate line on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays; guests will receive their diapers when they receive food.  If a guest comes for diapers only on these days, please stand in the single line with others.

  2. A household can only pick up diapers once a week.

  3. Each registered child will receive one pack of diapers.

  4. The Friday time is a DIAPER ONLY day and is open to the general public.  Only one pack of diapers will be given out PER HOUSEHOLD on Fridays.

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