FEAST OF JUSTICE                                        Count on Us


We’re not just feeding those in need, we are in transforming those in need.

Poverty doesn’t distinguish between young and old, it doesn’t recognize race or religion, male or female, or even working or unemployed.  It is indiscriminate and spreading.  The one piece that is held in common is that the people that Feast of Justice serves are our neighbors, our community, and the people we meet on the block. They need our help

Open to the public for distribution of food and services:
T 9-11:30, W 5-7:30,
F 9-11:30, Sa 2-4:30
Open to receive donations:
M 9-12, T 9-12, Th 9-12, F 9-12
Feast of Justice will be CLOSED on 12/21 until 12/27  and also 12/31 until 1/2.  For additional information on closings please click on the link to see our full monthly calendars.  calendar_nov_dec_jan_feb
Attention Volunteers!  We need your help on Saturday 12/18 from 1pm-4pm to help make holiday food baskets!
DONATIONS!  Please use the donation buttons on our pages to provide monetary donations to those in need or stop by Feast of Justice with a bag of non-perishable food preferably Monday and Thursday mornings or whenever your schedule will allow.