We’re not just feeding those in need, we are in transforming those in need.

Poverty doesn’t distinguish between young and old, it doesn’t recognize race or religion, male or female, or even working or unemployed.  It is indiscriminate and spreading.  The one piece that is held in common is that the people that Feast of Justice serves are our neighbors, our community, and the people we meet on the block. They need our help

TUESDAYS — 9am-11:30am
SATURDAYS -2pm-4:30pm
Updating our database… …starts in May! We delayed starting in April so that the software could be improved. Now we’re ready to update our database with information about you and your family. Please remember to bring in YOUR photo ID and SS #/card, as well as ONE of the following for EACH member of your household:  photo ID  Social Security card  Birth certificate  Passport  Medical insurance card  Veteran’s ID  Student ID  Student Report card We protect your privacy. Thanks for your help keeping our database current so we can receive the funding to serve you!
Updating the senior box forms… …has already started. Seniors must complete a new form each year to continue receiving a senior box. Each person must complete their own form. Please remember to bring:  YOUR photo ID  Social Security card  proof of income for your household If your ID does not have your current address, please bring in a piece of mail, utility bill, or lease with the correct address. You may bring in your information any day we are open. You do not need an appointment to complete this form. If you do not complete a form by June 1, you will not continue to receive a box. Thanks for your cooperation and help!
Senior Boxes First available Friday May 5 Plan ahead: Special senior box nights May 11 and June 8 from 4 to 6 pm. We receive fewer boxes than registered seniors so a senior box is NOT guaranteed. Seniors 60+ years old can apply for a senior box by bringing their photo ID, Social Security card and proof of income for their household to the FOJ office.
SPECIAL DAYS Fresh Fruits and Vegetables available EVERY Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening. You may shop 2 times each month for extra produce; no appointment needed. STATE FOOD first available May 17 (and June 20 — tentative date).
Every day at Feast of Justice is a new part of our journey. You have seen the changes and growth in recent months. From a distribution of food via an appointment system, to greater availability of produce, to ongoing nutrition and mental health counseling, to regular (and plentiful) clothing distributions, to community meals—we are trying to be an organization that can serve more than food. We are trying to serve our community. Our community has many faces. From a guest who has used our resources for years because of an ongoing struggle with poverty, to those who are newly in need, to those who are new to our area and trying to connect with available resources. We are all served by Feast of Justice because we are all our community. No one family is more deserving of food or service than another. In fact, we believe that our neighborhood will be great when ALL of us can succeed together. There is enough food to go around. There are enough of other resources to go around. We are not fearful of scarcity, but blessed by abundance. Therefore, we organize Feast of Justice by these beliefs and will not stand for intolerant language or behavior. This is a place of welcome and is meant to be a place of hope, which can only occur if we do it together. With God’s strength, we ask that you join us in this journey—the journey to become stronger, to become more peaceful, to become the representation of a transformed community. Transforming for all of us—for you and me.
In peace, Pr. Tricia Neale
DONATIONS!  Please use the donation buttons on our pages to provide monetary donations to those in need or stop by Feast of Justice with a bag of non-perishable food preferably Monday and Thursday mornings or whenever your schedule will allow.
FEAST NIGHTS!  All are welcome!!! FEAST NIGHT Meals—Thursdays at 6 pm—May 11 and 25 and June 8 Enjoy a hot meal and some community fellowship! Stay after the meal for a lively prayer and praise service offered by St. John’s Church. Doors open at 5:30 pm FEAST DAY Meal—Tuesday at 12:30— June 20 (none in May) A feast of food, fellowship, and resources. Doors open at 10 am with coffee available. Lunch is served at 12:30 followed by prayer and praise service by St. John’s Church. Invite your friends, children, and neighbors— we look forward to seeing you!