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Guest Appointments

Registered guests can make an appointment to shop in one of our two locations, or to receive a Feast Package. Not registered? Start the process on our registration page!


  • Street parking and entrance on Sackett St.


  • Parking is behind the building.

  • Please enter through the front of the building for your appointment.

  • If the door is not open, ring the doorbell and someone will assist you.

Feast of Justice Appointment Info

  • You must be a registered guest with a Feast of Justice ID number to make an appointment.

  • There are two appointment options: indoor OR online shopping. We offer Choice Market "indoor shopping", where you can come inside and select your own food OR "online shopping", where you can pre-order food for pickup. Both appointment options count as one (1) visit. 

  • You may receive food two (2) times per month and only one time per week beginning Jan 2024

  • If you can't find an appointment, please read our "current hours" page to find upcoming "walk-up" times, where you can come inside for "indoor shopping".  

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