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Guest Appointments

Registered guests can make an appointment to shop in either of our two locations, or to do Pantry Express Pickup. Not registered? You can start the process from home on our registration page!


  • Street parking and entrance on Sackett St.


  • Parking is behind the building.

  • Please enter through the front of the building for your appointment.

  • If the door is not unlocked, knock loudly or call the phone number on the door. Someone will open the door for you.

Feast of Justice Appointment Info

  • You must be a registered guest with a Feast of Justice ID number to make an appointment.

  • There are two types of appointment options: Community Choice Cupboard AND Pantry Express Pickup.

    • We offer appointments to shop in the Choice Cupboard, where you can come inside and select foods across all food types,

    • OR Pantry Express Pickup, where you can pick up a large box of dry goods and choose fresh items to complement the total.

    • Each appointment option counts as one (1) visit. 

  • Beginning May 2024,

    • you may receive food from the Community Choice Cupboard one (1) time per month,

    • and receive food from the Pantry Express Pickup one (1) time per month. 

    • You can only receive food one (1) time per week

  • Tip: appointment slots open only as far as 2 weeks in advance.
    (For example: if today is Tuesday, appointments will open for the Tuesday that is 14 days from now.)


  • If you can't find an appointment, please read our "Current Hours" page to find upcoming "walk-up" times, where you can receive food from the Community Choice Cupboard without an appointment. (Walk-ups also count towards your limit of one time per month.)

  • When you come to get food, bring your own bags to carry your items.

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