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Feast of Justice is open for distribution
of food.

*** We are part of the City Box Program. ***

Important Scheduling Information


The following schedule is for Monday, June 29, through Saturday, July 4.

The Feast of Justice Community Cupboard Program will be closed during the week of
June 29th.  We will be open for the City Box Distribution on Monday, June 29, and Thursday, July 2.

Monday, June 29:         Open for City Box Distribution

Tuesday, June 30:        Closed

Wednesday, July 1:      Closed

Thursday, July 2:          Open for City Box Distribution

Friday, July 3:               Closed

Saturday, July 4:           Closed


Temporary Guest Registration

Before the pandemic, Feast of Justice required registration of all guests.  We use our registrations to see who we are serving and to help connect our guests to specific resources.


Starting July 1, participation in the Community Cupboard Program, which occurs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays will require registration. Our Staff will pass out temporary registration forms during our Community Cupboard Distribution. 





Additional Resources

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