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Food Programs

Our food pantry currently provides food to community members through the following 2 programs: the Community Choice Cupboard, and the Pantry Express Pickup.

What’s the Community Choice Cupboard?

Also called CCC, and formerly known as Inside Shopping

  • Guests choose all of their own food and home essential items. 

  • We offer fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat, baked goods, dry goods, and home essentials.

  • Known as the "choice-model", this process is just like getting food at a grocery market, but no money is involved.

What’s the Pantry Express Pickup?

Also called PEP, and formerly known as Feast Packages

Guests will receive a package (based on family size) containing a variety of foods from our non-perishable section.


We offer the option of a regular package 
(includes canned meat, tuna, or salmon)
or a vegetarian package.

Guests may also choose fresh produce items, as well as meat, dairy, or baked goods when available.

How often can I get food? 

Guests can come:

One time each month for the





One time each month for the




Both types of food programs are offered at both our Tyson and Castor locations. Guests can visit either location for the same service.

I have not used Feast of Justice's food programs before. How do I start?

Click below to learn more about how to sign up to be a registered guest! 

Page last updated: 06/11/2024
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